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Toddlers Playing

Toddler Care in Lewisville, TX

Set your child on the path to success with a helping hand from our toddler care center. By the time children get to ages two and three, they are mobile and eager to explore their expanding world. At our toddler daycare, we provide a safe environment for your child to play, learn, and socialize with other children. Enroll your child today to begin taking advantage of our enrichment programs.

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Our Science-Backed Toddler Skill Focus Program

Every child is different, but there are some developmental milestones you can expect to see as your child grows. Our early education program builds a strong foundation for your child with a toddler skill focus based on developmental science.

While your child learns and plays at our center, we strive to help him or her develop the key skills for toddlers. This includes gross motor skills like running, catching objects, and using stairs independently, communication skills like clear speech and improved listening, and cognitive and social skills like problem-solving, imaginary play, and following rules. Find out more about our skills-focused program for toddlers by speaking with our helpful staff.

A State-Certified Toddler Daycare You Can Trust

Trust your toddler to a center with vast knowledge and experience. Our toddler daycare has been serving busy parents and their blossoming children for years. We are fully certified through the Texas Rising Star program. You can count on us to not only keep your child safe but also to provide him or her with a sound education and exciting playtime activities. We welcome any questions you may have about our certification and programs.

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Toddler Care in Lewisville, TX

Learn Through Play Toddler Skills Development Program

While your toddler may not be ready for elementary school quite yet, they are more than ready to learn. Our toddler skills development program follows recognized learning through play theories in order to nourish your child’s mind and set them up for later academic success.

Playing is how your child builds their vital physical, intellectual, emotional, and social skills. For example, organized games help children learn about sharing and taking turns, while ball games develop strength, coordination, and flexibility. Even something as simple as playing with water and sand can be an introductory lesson in science and math. Our toddler daycare recognizes that there are countless different ways for children to learn, so we strive to nourish your child’s mind as much as possible during playtime.

Contact us for more information on our toddler care services. We proudly serve families from Lewisville, Lake Dallas, Flower Mound, and Coppell, Texas.